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"Simply wonderful!!! From the beginning it was all talked with the instructor ... He spent a lot of security, explained everything very well and was very responsible and professional ... An experience that I will never forget... Super recommend to anyone who wants fly with total safety!! "

"Very serious instructor with practice and theory. Total safety and commitment to me.

Competent professionalism is a fantastic person."

"Me and a friend fly with Augusto and Tavinho, it's just one of those experiences that you take for a lifetime. Fantastic!!"
Richard Barbosa


"Very good!!! It's worth it! I was scared, after jumping, amazing, no price you pay! I want to go again!!!"
Melissa Calsavara 


Wonderful Experience!!! Super attentive and polite staff! We recommend doing this at least once in a lifetime!!!"
Rafaella Rosa


"EXCELLENCE, PROFESSIONALISM AND SAFETY!!! Teachers with responsibility and a success story !!! More than 20 years of experience! I strongly recommend to all who wish to realize your dream !!! Super safe !! Congratulations to school Bom Vôo . Rio!!! Most reference about professionals are your students and all are made and many are still forming as professional new and wonderful !!!! Example service with international standard!!!!"
Gustavo Nascimento 


Best feeling impossible! Really enjoyed! Maximum adrenaline! Augosto is an excellent professional and takes away any doubt and fear! I can't wait to paraglide again with you, Augusto! Thank you:)"
AURORA Vieira 


"At first that feeling of fear, which quickly passed with the security that Augusto passed, then just enjoy the takeoff, moment with more adrenaline and enjoy the flight and the wonderful landscape. I want more..."
MARCIO Lustosa


"Super cool, I recommend this amazing paragliding sensation !! :) Thank you!!! "
Rafael Dutra 

Information and

+55 21 991925344  - Augusto Prates


+55 21 964954889 - Tavinho

Praia de São Conrado, Rio de Janeiro RJ - Brasil

Open every day from 8:00 am to 17:00 pm

Obrigado! Mensagem enviada.

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