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Experience Freedom with a Tandem Flight 

Voo Duplo

 Paragliding tandem flight in Rio de Janeiro

Paragliding is a free flying variation that provides the most comfortable and safe experience within all free flying experiences.


There is no drop feeling. Just take a few steps and you are in the air, enjoying the best view in Rio. With minimal but secured physical contact with the instructor, you can have the experience of flying as if it were just you ant the 360 degree view.

Let's fly and have a Spiritual Experience

Our pilots are veteran instructors of Free Flight Paragliding, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro / Brazil.


We provide more than flying... We provide a unique experience. All you need to do is schedule your tandem flight now and discover the magic feeling of Free Flight.

But you dont just live this experience, you get to save it!

As you go through your experience, we record each step of the way (Training, Takeoff, Flying and Landing), capturing high resolution photos and a full HD footage that you'll get to keep forever.

The average flight time is 8 to 18 minutes, depending on winds conditions and thermal currents. We always want to fly as long as possible ... but always prioritizing safety!

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Venha fazer um voo duplo de parapente no Rio de Janeiro
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Augusto Prates - Instrutor de parapente - Nivel 4

Augusto Prates

AUGUSTO PRATES, 60 years old, 26 of them dedicated to Free Flight. Has 3 SIV's - Flight Incident Simulation (specific course for flight safety), one specifically for Tandem Flight. ABVL Record and FAI 34944, Level 4 Advanced Instructor. He has graduated many students throughout his instructor career.

Recognized for his ability to lead his flight partners to spiritual improvement through paragliding.

Tavinho Menezes - Instrutor de parapente - Nivel 5

Luiz Octavio Menezes

TAVINHO, 59 years old with 30 years of experience. He's a pioneer of paragliding in Brazil. Also a mountaineering guide, his full achievement in the mountains was when, after a climb in 1988, he took off in his Paraglide from the summit, thus introducing the sport recently discovered by French climbers. CBVL Level 5 Instructor, HR Specialist Educator.

Created the first Paragliding School in Brazil in 1989.

Team Philosophy

"To evoke emotion on each passanger, based on the breadth and transcendence of the human being, leading the experience of the free flight transformation of your life!"

Always focusing on welcoming,

spiritual harmony and safety!

Equipe Bom Voo Rio de parapente

Become a Paragliding Pilot in Rio de Janeiro - RJ

- Our course offers all the equipment you'll need during classes;


- Instruction tandem flights;

- Upon completion of the course you will be accompanied until your 20th flight;

- Classes will be taught by instructors and monitors registered at CSCVL and CBVL;

- Theoretical and practical classes with specific methodology and didactic;

- Practical classes filmed and discussed in lectures;

- Place of practical classes:

São Conrado lawn and in morrote school;

- Course time depends on individual characteristics, aptitude, student availability and weather conditions, with a minimum of 3 months.

Start your course!



bru Aula SC.jpg
Aprenda a voar de parapente. Bom Voo.Rio
- Call us and learn to fly -
Torne-se Piloto
Voo duplo de Parapente no Rio de Janeiro
Voo de parapente no Rio de Janeiro
Voo duplo de parapente em São Conrado
Voo duplo de parapente no Rio
Voo Duplo de Parapente Rio de Janeiro
Voo de parapente no Rio de Janeiro
Voo de parapente no Rio de Janeiro
Parapente Pedra da Gávea
Voo de parapente no Rio de Janeiro
Voo duplo de parapente no Rio de Janeiro
Voo Duplo de Parapente São Conrado

Information and

+55 21 991925344
Augusto Prates


+55 21 964954889

Praia de São Conrado, Rio de Janeiro RJ - Brasil

Open every day from 8:00 am to 17:00 pm

Obrigado pelo envio!

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